• Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector - Home Treatment


  • A three-step process, Olaplex is a system that effectively "glues" the hair back together after damage from colouring or bleaching. Combined with an in-salon treatment, the take-home treatment is your at-home step, allowing you to continue the repairing process to get the best results.

    The Olaplex Hair Perfector treatment contains the same active ingredient as both of the in-salon treatments, but in an easy to apply hair treatment. Used at home before or after your hair colour, Hair Perfector helps to strengthen the hair shaft, allowing you to protect the hair from straightening and other heat treatments, as well as pre-prepare the hair before your next colouring service.

    It's like health insurance, but for your hair!

    Best For:

    Chemically treated hair, or hair that has been damaged by excessive heat styling.

    Directions for use:

    Apply a small amount to freshly washed, towel dried hair, from roots to ends. Comb through gently. Leave in for a minimum of 10-15mins. Shampoo hair again, and follow with conditioner. 


    100ml Bottle. One bottle is good for at least six once-a-week generous applications.

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