• MISS FOX Gel Nail Removal Kit

    MISS FOX Melbourne

  • Is your gel manicure ready for a refresh? We've put together a special home nail care kit to remove your gel polish and freshen your look until we return

    **Pickup or client-arranged Uber pickup only
    This kit includes:

    • Classic Orange-wood stick pushing tool
    • Professional Wooden Nail File
    • Acetone 5mls
    • Buffing Block
    • Professional Foil Finger Wraps with soaking pad
    • A choice of Kester Black Nail Polish or MISS FOX Aromatherapy Roll-on Blend*
    • and a Rose Quartz Crystal to keep

    *The Kester Black nail polish or MISS FOX Aromatherapy Roll-on Blend will be chosen at random. If you have a preference for nail colour or blend, please leave a note during checkout and we will do out best to accomodate.

    Please Note: This item ships within Victoria only.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Buff down the shiny surface of your gel to break the “seal” using the black file

    2. Soak the white part of 1 x foil pad with Acetone (inside the plain black bottle)

    3. Place the white part against the gel polish with the bent part of the foil sitting over the cuticle area

    4. Wrap the nail by folding over one side over, then the other side then fold upward over the finger (or use the scrunch method). Repeat on each hand. Soak for 10 minutes

    5. Use the wooden tool to “push” off gel, it should flake off easily. There is a clear base coat to scrape off too. If not coming off easily, rewrap nail for another 5 minutes.

    6. Use the white buffer to remove any last residue. Be gentle or skip this step if not required.

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