• Ingrown Zone - Triple Action Lotion

    Ingrown Zone

  • A hydrating lotion that prevents ingrown hairs, retards hair growth, and moisturises the skin, the Ingrown Zone Triple Action Lotion is quickly absorbed into the skin, leaving it hydrated and smooth.

    Formulated with natural botanical ingredients for application after waxing, and for daily use on the legs, this lotion actually slows and softens future hair growth so that waxing becomes easier and more comfortable.

    Unisex formula, this lotion is perfect for legs, arms and torso areas. For intimate or sensitive areas check out Ingrown Zone Hair Serum Spray. 

    Best For: All skin types, especially those prone to ingrown hairs. 

    Directions: Apply sparingly to area before and after hair removal. 

    Size: 250mls

  • $29.95

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