• MISS FOX - HAPPY INSIDE: Healing Your Gut and Thyroid to Free Yourself From Anxiety and Depression (Event Recording)

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  • A digital recording of our HAPPY INSIDE: MISS FOX Online Series event with Alisa Asano B.HSc, Dip.MentH, NHAA.

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    About this Event

    • Are you experiencing stomach pains or bloating after you eat?
    • Do you feel low on energy or a downcast mood for no particular reason?
    • Do you keep reaching for medications to feel better, only to find they aren’t working

    Imagine waking up clear-headed and full of energy — ready to take on your day without needing to reach for caffeine and sugar, or hitting a major slump in the afternoon. Could you envision yourself experiencing meaningful, well-spent hours every day without the weight of lethargy or brain fog to slow you down?

    Naturopathy is the solution to take you from wading through your day to energetically powering through your goals. It works to restore balance, proper bodily function and support a healthy mind-gut connection — following a root cause resolution process for long term health and wellbeing.

    Join MISS FOX Naturopath Alisa Asano B.HSc, Dip.MentH, NHAA for an online masterclass in positively healing your gut, thyroid and mind. Learn to navigate and naturally support your body through dysfunctions of the thyroid and gut with a "whole body" approach derived from extensive clinical testing and investigations.


    Through this event we explore:

    • The functions and dysfunctions of the thyroid and gut
    • The intimate relationship between the gut and thyroid
    • How the thyroid and gut drives anxiety and depression
    • The connection between stress and our thyroid
    • Our microbiome, neurotransmitters and the inflamed brain relationship
    • Natural strategies to heal the gut, thyroid and mind
    • Restorative foods, herbal remedies, lifestyle medicines and nutritional therapy
    • The latest clinical test and investigation findings
    • Join us for this educational and nourishing event and leave with wisdom and tools to empower your health and experience a brighter level of wellbeing.


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