• ASPECT Pigment Punch 30ml


  • An advanced formula that helps address and prevent the appearance of age spots and to illuminate and even out the skin tone and other pigmented areas. Minimise skin pigmentation with revolutionary face serum Pigment Punch + from the skin care experts at Aspect.


    Using only safe yet innovative methods, this powerful serum fights a host of pigmentation beauty skin care concerns. Age spots, brown spots, freckles, hormonal marks, blotchy and uneven skin tones, and both red and brown acne scars will soon be history.


    Skin Type: All skin types Ageing Pigmentation Directions: Dispense 1 pump and apply to skin after cleansing AM & PM. May be cocktailed with other Aspect serums.


    Tip: Always use a maximum SPF while using this product

  • $155.00

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