• Aromatherapy Roll-On 2: BEAUTIFUL

    MISS FOX Melbourne

  • 100% Organic high-vibration Essential Oil blend in luxury Camellia and Jojoba Seed Oil to balance the Sacral Chakra.

    A nurturing, comforting blend to enhance creativity, play and passion for life. Inspires art and adventure. Heightens emotional intelligence. Promotes an abundant and joyful existence. 


    • Sweet Orange*
    • Spike Lavender*
    • Bergamot*
    • Vetiver*
    • Roman Chamomile*
    • Jojoba *
    • Camellia Seed Oil *
    • A purified quartz crystal point

      * Certified Organic

    Directions for use:

    Apply to pulse points or chakra points. Inhale. Use mantra or chakra colour to enhance effect.

    CHAKRA: Sacral
    COLOUR: Orange
    MANTRA: I feel beautiful. The sweetness of life flows through me.

    Size: 5mls with roll-on applicator packaged in Miron Glass

    Avoid during Pregnancy/Nursing. 
    Store below 30°
    Vegan & Cruelty Free

  • $24.44

  • Aromatherapy Roll-On 2: BEAUTIFUL
  • Aromatherapy Roll-On 2: BEAUTIFUL
  • Aromatherapy Roll-On 2: BEAUTIFUL

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