• THREE WARRIORS Self Tan Mousse 150mL

    Three Warriors

  • Rated ‘Editor’s Choice’ as Best Tan Mousse in the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2020.

    A foam tanner that develops into a deep, golden glow, this award-winning Three Warriors Gradual Tan is the perfect product for those wanting to develop a rich, warm lustre.

    Designed to hydrate the skin while building radiance, this hydrating tanning mousse is not only easy to apply but will nourish you from the inside out, leaving the body revitalised and boasting a year-round glow.

    Free from common nasties found in-home tan products, this organic, vegan bottle of (UV free) sunshine has a soft lime and vanilla scent and applies an even matte. With its hydrating aloe vera, chamomile and avocado extracts, it's thoroughly hydrating and kind to your skin.

    All ingredients are organic, locally sourced and produced on the pristine shores of Tasmania

    Note: For a face tan, we recommend using the Three Warriors Gradual Tanner.

    Key Ingredients:
    • Aloe Vera: locks in moisture and soothes the skin for a calm, softened complexion

    • Avocado Oil: delivering essential vitamins A, D and E to the skin

    • Chamomile Extract: a natural anti-inflammatory and stress reliever

    Directions for use:

    1. Start with a scrub
      Prepare your skin first and exfoliate the body using a natural scrub - we love the Three Warrior Tasmanian Sand Scrub - using circular motions to lightly exfoliate the whole body.

    2. Rinse and repeat
      Make sure to shower and shave if you want to apply gradual tan onto a smooth surface area and rinse off any excess scrub, avoiding soaping and also removing deodorant and perfume.

    3. Glide on
      Using a tanning mitt (such as the Three Warriors  eco-friendly tanning mitt) or a bare hand, place a small amount of self tanning lotion onto skin and glide evenly across the body, leaving no surface unloved.

    4. Soak it all in
      Opt for loose clothing or a robe to allow the gradual tan moisturiser to soak into skin, voilá you're ready to glow about your day. 

    We recommend sitting back and soaking it all in for the following developing times...

    1.5 hours - For a light, natural glow
    Overnight - For a deep gradual tan that develops as you sleep!
    *Tip: Sleep in dark sheets and pyjamas if tanning overnight

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