MISS FOX Aromatherapy Blends | 100% Certified Organic Ingredients | Crystal Imbued | Energy Balancing

A collection of 7 beautiful aromatherapy blends, each housing a clear quartz to amplify their energy, our MISS FOX Aromatherapy roll-on oils are a gorgeous gift for yourself or someone you hold dear. Based on the chakra system, they enhance energy flow from the root to the crown to create balance in your body and life. 

Essential oils work with the limbic brain and emotions for deep healing and wellbeing. Our high vibration blends are 100% certified organic with the highest purity and are free from toxins and pesticides — working to keep your beautiful body balanced and nourished.

The rollerball design is suitable to use directly on the skin, with essential oils carried in luxurious blend of organic camellia seed and jojoba oils.

Each MISS FOX blend is housed in violet Miron glass — naturally filtering out all light except a violet sunlight spectrum that protects and improves the quality of the oil. Each bottle also contains a purified natural quartz crystal point to regulate and amplify the energy of the oils.

Made by hand with love in Melbourne.